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The Synthesizer Bell sound

Similar to the synth pad, the synth bell sound is one of the most used sounds in the 80s.


Sound examples

1981 - Blondie "Rapture", Synth Pop with a kind of tubular bell sound.

1985 - Foreigner "I Want To Know What Love Is", Soft Rock with synth bells as fill-in melody during the chorus.

1986 - Human League "Human", Pop with two variations of synth bell sounds anticipating the chorus melody.

1987 - Starship "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now", Pop with an independent synth bell melody line.

The synth bell is a typical sound of the 1980s, creating a glittering atmosphere in Pop, Soft Rock an Synth Pop. Favourite synths for bell sounds are the Yamaha DX 7, Roland D 50 or PGG Wave.

1987 - Madonna "Open Your Heart", Synth Pop with a synth bell intro melody line.

1987 - Whitney Houston "Where Do Broken Hearts Go", Pop Ballad using the synth bell to create a sweet atmosphere.

1989 - Taylor Dayne "Don't Rush Me", synth bells as background part

1989 - Milli Vanilli "Blame It On The Rain", Synth Pop with synth bells playing the chorus melody

1990 - Phil Collins "Another Day In Paradise", Mainstream Pop with delayed synth bells

1993 - H-Town "Knockin' da Boots", R&B with synth bell fills

Producer, composer and keyboardist Marco Basci (Los Angeles) about the Synthesizer Bell Sound

Composer and keyboardist Henning Flintholm (Berlin) about the Synthesizer Bell Sound